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how to explain a brain injury disability

Once the evaluation is completed a specialized training program is designed and implemented to promote a smooth transition to being able to once again be gainfully employed. If a finding of disability within 3 months post-injury is not possible based on any neurological impairment (s), adjudication of the claim will be deferred until evidence is obtained of your neurological or mental impairments at least 3 months post-injury. Traumatic brain injury can have a significant impact on your life. Computers are used extensively as a training tool by cognitive therapists. Traumatic brain injury Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not the same as head injury, since a person can sustain damage to the face, scalp and skull without necessarily injuring their brain. This should not be confused with retrograde amnesia, which is the inability to recall events before injury. Particularly striking was the report's conclusion that 3,600 severely mentally ill inmates housed in Los Angeles County Jails comprise the "largest de facto mental institution in the nation.". Definitions of Brain Injury. Frontal lobe injuries can be interpreted as causing dullness because this area of the brain controls impulses, motivation and initiation. Those who suffer skull fractures, loss of consciousness and coma and typically are diagnosed as moderate to severe injuries, with obvious physical impairments. Throughout this discussion the TBI survivor has been presumed to be an adult. People with impaired memory may remember and retain old skills, but learning new ones require repeated instructions and extended practice. A neurologist is first called to make an initial evaluation, diagnose the injury and consult on immediate medical care the patient requires. In this setting, reassurance goes a long way to promote healing and well-being. About Traumatic Brain Injury. The goal is to help survivors identify techniques to improve their ability to remember ideas. Contact a personal injury lawyer today to discuss your rights. The case manager is routinely in charge of reporting to the insurance carrier funding the recovery program. Traumatic brain injury is listed under neurological disorders. All rights reserved. Survivors of TBI quickly change subjects and have difficulty following through an idea or a sequence to completion. The chief task for the social worker is to prepare a detailed background study and normally includes the patient s pre-injury personality, lifestyle, emotional and financial resources, educational history, work and leisure interests, special relationship and previous problems. If a TBI has left you disabled, you can start your disability application with the SSA. To determine the level of vocational functioning the counsellor also evaluates the patients ability to follow instructions and social skills. Because they have suffered objective physical injuries, their resulting impairments are readily accepted as having been caused by the initial insult. I have learned more than I realised from my visit to a Stroke Support Group along with the thought- provoking comments received after writing the visit up in last weeks blog.From all this new questions arose, in particular more about invisible disability, or hidden disability after brain injury.I have been using the term hidden disability after brain injury for many, many years and this week I realised it has become a kind of automatic phrase – till no… You may be unable to communicate effectively, you may lose mobility, and you may not be able to lift, carry, or grasp things. Demographically, three quarters of the survivors are males, one half of whom are ages 15 to 34. The lowest score is a 3 and indicates no response from the patient. By far the most challenging plaintiff is a child who is attractive and who will walk into the courtroom. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Seizures can occur immediately or may be delayed until months or even years after the initial trauma. The guidelines for evaluating impairments caused by cerebral trauma are contained in 11.18, which states that cerebral trauma is to be evaluated under 11.02, 11.03, 11.04, and 12.02, as applicable. Allsup is the nation’s premier disability representation company®. Performs daily routine in highly familiar environment in a non- confused but automatic robot-like manner. The combined effects of brain injury, from the different parts of the brain damaged may create extra or different problems. Expressive aphasia is the diagnosis for those having difficulty remembering words, naming objects or expressing ideas. The rehabilitation case manager or rehabilitation specialist coordinates the goals of the patient, family and rehabilitation staff as an advocate for the patient and oversees the overall treatment plan. Respiratory obstructions and compromised lung function that cause a total cessation of oxygenation result in anoxic injuries. You can file the application online at or get started by calling 1-800-772-1213. Anecdotes do not replace scientific evidence, bur recently a well regarded neurologist, an assistant clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University and a respected scientist and author, concluded that a moderate head injury in a bicycle/truck collision, in which the plaintiff's bicycle helmet was fractured, was not responsible for chronic fatigue six months post-injury. All of this underscores the critical need for the testimony of the lifecare planner that will identify the services the survivor will require for life, but in addition, the cost of providing on-going care and supervision for a lifetime that will prevent the survivor from suffering additional mistreatment by police, courts and corrections. It is important for the patient s legal representatives to have a strong and responsible working relationship with the social worker. TBI can be classified based on severity (ranging from mild traumatic brain injury [mTBI/concussion] to severe traumatic brain injury), mechanism (closed or penetrating head injury), or other features (e.g., occurring in a specific location or over a widespread area). Neurologic damage readily disrupts how a person thinks and processes information. News. Additional Resources. SSDI & Traumatic Brain Injury: A Personal Story. Lacks realistic planning for own future. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, TBIs are a major cause of disability in the United States. Double vision, loss of depth perception, and an inability to see on one side of the body can occur. Ask if the traumatic brain injury disability meets or equals a medical listing. Question: Dr. Bradbury, I read your columns regularly and a couple of times you have written about diagnosing someone with mental retardation, or intellectual disability.If someone experiences a head injury, and the results of testing are in the intellectually deficient range, how do you decide if the diagnosis is a traumatic brain injury or mental retardation? Survivors experience spasticity or abnormal tone and muscle stiffness. Before October 2016, Social Security evaluated traumatic brain injury under disability listings for other types of medical conditions: stroke, epilepsy, or organic mental disorders (called neurocognitive disorders). Fatigue is extremely common in the early stages following injury. Grant is an internationally recognized brain injury advocate, freelance writer, keynote speaker and brain injury survivor based out of southern New Hampshire. The neuropsychologist specializes in evaluating brain function and performs sophisticated tests of brain function necessary to identify specific injuries and to select appropriate rehabilitation efforts. TBI affects the roots of who we are — our ability to think, to communicate, and to connect with other people. Without attention and concentration, learning cannot occur. Brain Injury: Proving a Lifetime Disability; Brain Injury: Proving a Lifetime Disability ... and to the legal team called upon to prove and explain the long term effect of these injuries to judges and juries. Traumatic brain injury symptoms can vary widely depending on the type and severity of the injury and the area of the brain affected. A pediatric neurologist is invaluable in explaining how injury interrupts growth and development and why children need specialized rehabilitation services now and in the future. A person who is alert and oriented would be rated at 15. Regular encouragement and visual cues are helpful in prompting initiation. Firefox, or Reports of choking or the need to soften food with water before swallowing are significant. Know someone who needs help? Sometimes a mental impairment may appear to improve immediately following TBI and then worsen, or, conversely, it may appear much worse initially but improve after a few months. Vocational rehabilitation counsellors identify skills, aptitudes, and abilities that will help restore the patient to the world of work. It is the patient with mild injuries with a complete medical recovery from physical symptoms that presents a major challenge to the skill of treating physicians, rehabilitation professionals, and to the legal team called upon to prove and explain the long term effect of these injuries to judges and juries. A person who has a medically determinable severe impairment of traumatic brain injury and is unable to understand, remember or carry out simple instructions would be found disabled based on his/her mental residual function capacity. Traumatic Brain Injury and Social Security Disability; How the Blue Book Can Help You with Your Traumatic Brain Injury SSD Claim The ADA does not contain a list of medical conditions that constitute disabilities. Stay up-to-date with FindLaw's newsletter for legal professionals. A serious brain injury can leave you unable to care for yourself and unable to work. Skills noticeably deteriorate in unfamiliar environment. People with concussions heal over time and that many of the emotional conditions reported can be equally associated with psychological conditions which occur in the absence of physical trauma. The severity of injuries can vary from mild to severe depending on how serious the causing incident was. To appreciate the extent of a precipitating injury, it is helpful to understand two commonly used medical scales found in every medical chart involving TBI. The inability to meet any of the basic mental demands of work would entitle a claimant to disability benefits. TBI may result in neurological and mental impairments with a wide variety of posttraumatic symptoms and signs. Generally, the neurological impairment (s) will stabilize more rapidly than any mental impairment (s). Applying a task to a similar but different situation cannot be accomplished. Post-concussion syndrome presents with headaches, spasticity, dizziness, reduced coordination, sensory dysfunction, memory losses, problems in concentrating, difficulty in perceiving, sequencing, judgment and communication, fatigue, loss of empathy, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, depressed motivation, emotional volatility, slowed thinking and impaired writing and reading skill. Current research from the University of Chicago by Dr. Stuart Yudofsky shows that the most common cause of explosive anger is brain injury or neurological disease and that there are now medications available to control violent rage. The attractive child with a severe impairment will generate compassion and understanding from his/her environment, but once the adolescent years begin the tasks of dealing with sexual drives, peers, alcohol and drugs in the TBI survivor are grossly complicated. TBI patients without families or financial protection are relegated to the street or incorrectly diagnosed as mentally ill. For those with families, the families do not simply become care providers: they suffer an outrageous burdens that destroys families, causes siblings to leave home prematurely, and mandates that someone give up their life to care for the injured. Poor balance, decreased endurance, loss of the ability to plan movements of arms, legs and poor coordination are evident. The focus is to develop physical, cognitive and social skills so leisure activities can once again be enjoyed. Respiratory or pulmonary therapists help the patient breathe and maintain a ventilator employed to insure clear airways. Head injuries are one of the most common causes of disability and death in adults. Occupational therapists provide rehabilitation skills to help the patient perform physical tasks involving both gross and fine motor skills, as well as performing the six activities of daily living: bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring [getting in and out of a chair or bed], continence [voluntary bowel and bladder functions], and feeding. Conclude the traumatic brain injury disability must be severe enough to significantly limit one’s ability to perform basic work activities needed to do most jobs. Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a term referring to any serious head injury that causes damage to the brain. By the same token, developing maturity also masks the recovery process and leaves the question whether the youngster is recovering or developing. In cases of moderate to severe damage, seizures, coma, impaired behavior and thinking, and death may occur. From a public health perspective, alcohol abuse training, roll bars, air bags, and helmet protection for motorcyclists, bicyclists, skateboarders, and skiers are top priorities because the number of TBI survivors is not expected to significantly diminish over the next ten years. Because speech deficits are the most common disability for survivors, speech pathologists are involved in evaluating and teaching speech, writing, reading and expression skills aimed at both comprehension and communication. Significant confusion following a head injury is so common that the primary medical inquiry is to establish if the patient is oriented.

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