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Antiquariaat De Vries & De Vries
Damstraat 19
2011 HA Haarlem


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Felix Labisse Fleurs de troittoirs Lithographies et dessins de Félix Labisse (1905-1982). Belgium, published by André de Rache, 1971. Printed in 150 numbered copies, our copy no 70, one of 20 Roman numbered and signed copies with an extra suite of 10 plates on Japanese paper, our copy no 50, letterpress title, table of contents and colophon between which 20 bifolia, each with color lithography / plate with accompanying letterpress texts by De Beauvoir, Achard, Apollinaire, Léautaud, Flaubert, Camus, Wilde, Baudelaire etc. and each with poem by Nellens, in loose quires as published in cover, in gold-lettered linen cover box. Large folio. (43 x 36 cm). 92pp.

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