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Splendidly illuminated manuscript with beautiful provenance "Evangéliaire de l'ordre de Saint Benoit. Manuscrit du XVIIe siècle app.t à Mr Monteil". Splendidly illuminated manuscript on parchment, op. cit., n.d. [Le Bec-Hellouin, A. 18th century]. Latin manuscript on vellum, brown calfskin binding (from 1840/1) with gilt embossed title, spine and frame and gilt edges, c. 29 x 22 cm, 48 num. With 5 full-page, 11 half- or quarter-page miniatures and 17 initalia. Somewhat rubbed and chipped, binding broken, some pp. somewhat foxed.

Gospel lectionary from the Norman Benedictine abbey of Le Bec-Hellouin, which was founded in 1039 and closed during the French Revolution (1789-99). The volume contains pericopes from the Gospels of the New Testament for reading on the Sundays and feast days of the church year:

Ad primam missam in nocte nativitatis Domini, In nativitate Domini ad secundam missam in aurora, Ad tertiam missam in die nativitate domini, In epiphania Domini, Dominica ressurectionis, In die ascensionis Domini, In dominica pentecostes, In solemnitate corporis Christi, In festo S. Mauri abbat., In festo SS. apostolorum Petri et Pauli, In asumptione B. Mariae Virginis, In festo omnium Sanctorum, In festo S. Anselmi episcopi et confess., In festo S.mae Trinit., In anniversario dedicationis eccles. In missa votiva de Spiritu sto., In missa votiva de B. Maria.

It was written by a very artistically talented monk and is richly and magnificently decorated with figurative, floral and geometric elements in bright colours. On one side there is a depiction of the abbey, on another of its founder Herluin. The anonymous artist did not complete his work; blank pages or initial sketches are repeatedly found. The manuscript was not bound until 1840 by its owner at the time, the historian and collector Amans-Alexis Monteil (1769-1850), who sold part of his manuscript collection to Sir Thomas Philipps in 1835.

According to Monteil, who wrote a two-page handwritten preface to this manuscript, it was restored and bound by his pupil Roques. Monteil praises the beauty of the work ("éléganté, admirable écriture", "bon goût des ornamens", "délicatesse des miniatures", "fraicheur des couleurs") and states that he would only sell it for 32 écus or 8 gold pieces. The buyer was the Baron (Alphonse Fulgence?) Dupont de Saint-Ouen, whose bookplate appears twice in this volume.

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