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Manuscript - Gnomonique Cours de Gnomonique pour la latitude ou élévation du pole de Macon 46░ - 20'. Mathias à Paris, 17 Aoust 1786 beautiful, richly illustrated manuscript on sundials. Speckled brown sheepskin binding with gilt embossed spine and gilt spine label ("GNOMONI") on wine-red ground, 158 pp., VI pp., 48 pp, 32 full-page (of which 7 folding) plates, c. 29 x 23 cm, red edges on three sides, somewhat rubbed and stained on the outside, some small marks to small capitals, pages very occasionally slightly flecked. Very nice, clean and regular manuscript (type area c. 21 x 16 cm) with continuous text frame and decorative fleur-de-lis decoration With an old ownership inscription by the engineer and academy member Louis-Gilbert Vinsac (1799-1853) on the title page.

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