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On the success of the "Mémoires, ou Essais sur la musique"
GRETRY, André-Ernest-Modeste (1741-1813), Belgian-French composer. Autograph letter signed 2 pp. on 2 sheets, c. 21.5 x 17 cm, somewhat dusty, second sheet with restored margins.
To the director of the Commission for Public Instruction, the man of letters Pierre-Louis Ginguené (1748-1816), whom he thanks for his efforts to disseminate his "Mémoires, ou Essais sur la musique" (1797). In just three months he had sold 1200 copies and it was by no means a disadvantage that 50 editions had been distributed free of charge to opera makers. Sageret (Charles-Barnabé Sageret, actor and theatre entrepreneur) planned to unite the Théâtre Feydeau and the Théâtre-Italien and would then acquire Grétry's work for both theatres. Radet (Jean-Baptiste Radet, 1752-1830, founder of the Théâtre du Vaudeville) had promised him something similar. - Enclosed is a late copy of this document on the back of a photocopy of a letter from Grétry to Jacques-Barthélemy Salgues (1760-1830) from 1806 and a letter from the Parisian antiquarians Désiré Janvier and Jacques Arnna (Jacques Arles-Dufour, + 1967) from 1934, signed by Arnna, to the Belgian lawyer and Grétry collector Georges de Froidcourt (1885-1972), concerning the sending of two autographs by Grétry (probably including the present letter). - Grétry achieved great fame during his lifetime as an imaginative and creative composer of comic operas (of which Richard C?ur de Lion (1784) is still performed today). He became a member of the Institut de France and received a pension for life from Napoleon I.

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