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Two companions of Jeanne d'Arc
[Jeanne d'Arc] [Jeanne d'Arc] LORÉ, Ambroise de (c.1395-1446), commander in the Hundred Years' War, Prévôt (royal governor/mayor) of Paris. Document with seal (fleur-de-lys, royal lily) and probably sign. French manuscript on vellum, c. 26.5 x 35.5 cm, small marginal defects, minimally faded, seal incomplete.
Vidimus [public attestation] of a document from the Duke of Orléans, Charles of Valois (1394-1465, father of King Louis XII, most important lyric poet of the time around 1430) dated 31 January 1439, in which he awards the jurist Aignan Viole a pension for the valuable services he had rendered him ("bons et agreables services que ledit maistre Aignon nous a faits"). - On the reverse, autograph confirmations of the financial administrator. Confirmations from the duke's financial administrator Jehan Le Fuzelier and the ducal auditor and secretary Guillaume Doulce.
Aignan Viole was an advocate at the Parlement de Paris and had met Joan of Arc personally. During the hearings for her rehabilitation trial in 1455/56, he was called as a witness and reported favourably on Jeanne's actions in Orléans in 1429 - Ambroise de Loré, who drew up this document, was a comrade-in-arms of Jeanne d'Arc who had often fought alongside her. - Rare historical testimony from the circle of the Maid of Orléans, which brings together two (or three, if one adds the Duke of Orléans) of her companions in one document.

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