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Belgian Congo Ethnology Indigenous people in the Belgian Congo Album with 9 mounted portrait studies on drawing cardboard, Belgian Congo, 1928. half leather binding with gold spine stamping. Spine stamped, c. 39 x 31 cm, somewhat rubbed and worn, sheets slightly trimmed at the binding. Very nice coloured pencil drawings, partly signed (Rophi?). Characterful studies of different "types", different tribal affiliations, i.a.: "Un Brambunda, Congo belge", "Coiffée du "Milaumba", Congo belge", "Porteur Bapende (Congo)", "Jeune fille Matutsi, type du Ruanda, Congo belge", "Femme chef de l'Ituri, Congo belge", " ... province du Congo Rasai", "Type du Ruanda-Urundi, Congo belge".

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