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Vintage poster of a seminal surrealist film
Marcel MARIEN & Leo DOHMEN L'imitation du cinéma [Imitation of cinema] Originele affiche / original poster for 'L'imitation du cinéma' a major Belgian surrealist film by Marcel Mariën. Printed on orange stock (30 x 50 cm)
"Liège à la Maison Belgo-Polonaise [...] le jeudi 17 mars 1960 - Club de l'écran".
Photos Leo Dohmen
Author of the photomontage that illuminated Marcel Marïen's renowned pamphlet Grande Baisse [1962], in which the success of René Magritte was mocked, Leo Dohmen [1929-1999] was a prominent figure of Belgian surrealism and of the Antwerp artistic scene. Parallel to his work in the research laboratory at Agfa-Gevaert and later at Esso, those who called his friends "the Pirate" practised various activities, collage, photography, assemblage, and in 1959 he collaborated on the scandalous film "L'imitation du Cinéma" by his eternal accomplice Marcel Mariën,

"For Marcel Marien's scandalous film L'Imitation du Cinéma, Leo Dohmen is in charge of set photography, he is also co-producer. The surrealistic humour is omnipresent, as is anticlericalism. The year is 1959. The scandal in preconciliar Belgium is enormous. The film becomes the target of a fierce press campaign. Censorship took place and, to crown it all, the film was banned from showing in France." # Cf. Sauwen - Leo Dohmen een piraat in het klooster:

Cf. Canonne - Marcel Mariën: The stowaway / Canonne - Het surrealisme in België, p. 155 e.v.

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