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Henri Godts


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Souvenir de voyage. Syrie, Palestine, Égypte. L.J.
Bonfils, Sebah, Zangaki Souvenir de voyage. Syrie, Palestine, Égypte. L.J. Late 19th c. 45 albumen prints, 21,7 x 27,9 cm, pasted on cardboard, with legends in the image. Kept in an oblong folio ad hoc album in dark brown leather with gilt lettering, spine with 4 raised bands, endpapers in silk moiré. Label on inside front cover.
Album showing the Port Saïd, the Suez Canal, the pyramids, the citadel of Cairo, Damas, Palmyra, Baalbek, Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Beirut. Furthermore many portraits of people from different ethnics: a Turkish danser, an Arab woman, a young Egyptian couple, a fellah (peasant), a Sudanese, men of the Bishari tribe, Jews mourning at the Western Wall, Jewish Syrian woman, bedouins, etc.
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