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Splendid V.O.C. Binding
Bible BIBLE, Het Nieuwe Testament, Psalmen, Catechism. A well-preserved copy of a V.O.C. binding commissioned and gifted by the chamber of Middelburg. The V.O.C. (Dutch East India Company) was active from the year 1602 to 1800 and was the most successful trade organisation of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. Books for the ship's chest and chaplains must have been provisioned chiefly by the Amsterdam chamber because very few Amsterdam VOC-M bindings have turned up. And those which have turned up almost all have been copies of Ursinus' Schatboek. It is noteworthy that the letter M for Middelburg is used instead of Z for Zeeland. Landwehr, VOC p.XXIX (ill.) and XXVII
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